Nutritional Therapy

Have You Considered Nutrition as a Therapy? Nutritional Therapy as a Holistic Approach to Healing and Wellness

How much of your daily intake of food is from a drive through? How much of your food is made in a microwave, or from a box? Do you need coffee to pick yourself up in the afternoon or morning? Do you always feel stressed on the inside even if you are calm on the outside? Does everything hurt? Do you sleep well? Is your elimination normal or do you remember what normal is? Do you always have heartburn or have antacids become a food group for you? Is your list of prescriptions getting bigger? How good do you really feel?

With the rising cost of medicine and insurance rates, everyone is starting to take notice of the wellness industry considered by many now to be the next “big thing”. Eating well and exercising is very important; but, taking it a step further and supporting the body’s own natural ability to heal and recover is the most important factor in wellness today. This is the most effective road to preventative medicine and years of optimal health.

There are many “one size fits all” approaches in nutrition and fitness when in fact the needs of one individual may be substantially and metabolically different than the needs of another. There is always another media myth or news flash on what is good for you and what isn’t. The fact is that we all have an innate intelligence about what we need, but have gotten so far away from it due to the “modern diet”. High grain, processed foods, sugar, processed dairy and bad fats are all to blame for the climbing numbers of diseases that plaque the population.

The philosophy of nutritional therapy is that the myriad of health problems that plague modern society result from weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations as a result of poor nutrition. For example, the topic of fat and our need to treat it as the enemy of all foods with the fat-free diet is actually an interesting lie…a big fat lie. The problem is the lack of knowledge about fat . It is fat that gives us the slow long lasting fuel needed to sustain energy, it helps to build healthy cholesterol and bile, hormone balance and healthy cell membranes. It is required for the adequate use of protein and the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins of A, D, E, K and minerals, all critical life sustaining nutrients. Good dietary fat also assists in healthy weight maintenance. The caveat lies in the quality of the fats ingested; the difference is in the processing not in the inherent source of the fat. The good fats are the Omega 3, 6, and 9s in raw nuts, seeds and their oils, raw cold pressed virgin olive oils, saturated fats from healthy sources like organic grass fed beef and organic free range chicken, eggs and cultured organic butter. The bad fats include trans fats, hydrogenated oils and the mass consumption of fried and processed foods.

Based on whole food nutrition, the role of diet is utilized in health and wellness. The focus is to assess the individual’s nutritional status and offer dietary counseling, address and correct nutritional deficiencies, balance body chemistry, participate in natural wellness and work side-by-side with other healthcare professionals.

Nutritional therapy is based on the mantra that good health is based on a diet of properly prepared nutrient dense whole foods from quality organic sources. Also, that the biochemistry of each individual is respected and the body treated as a whole based on the foundations of health. The nutritional therapist is certified to do a nutritional assessment, functional evaluation and to recognize the system burdens and weaknesses and assist the individual in removing those stressors through whole food nutrition and exceptional supplementation protocols. The goal is to determine the deficiency or imbalance, what nutrient will work for the client and when the client is sufficient in the nutrient with symptoms relieved. Teaching and encouragement is part of the individual plan in order to support the work and stages of healing.

Never before has hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue and exhaustion, hormone imbalance, thyroid disorders, diabetes, insulin resistance, cancer, immune and allergy disorders, fatigue, cardiovascular problems, weight problems and mental health issues and depression been present in such high numbers. The escalating numbers of the problems and diseases of our population can be matched with the increased consumption of processed foods, and increased usage of the main components used in them such as high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, dyes, MSG, processed grain and so on. The more of it eaten, the higher the numbers! Prescription drugs fill medicine cabinets for most families and that now includes children. Between our poor food choices, food processing, environmental toxins and pollutants, stress, drugs and alcohol, and lack of nutrient dense top soils in which to grow our foods…it is no surprise how toxic our bodies have become. It is tragic what the unsuspected effects of the modern diet has done.

The good news is there is a way out of the vicious cycle! We must be accountable for our health in these unhealthy times. Nutritional therapy teaches the individual to return to that innate intelligence that will steer one from the modern diet through encouragement and education on the foundations of health. Once the body is balanced and conditions are optimal, other programs such as weight loss and detoxification plans can be incorporated or explored. When the stressors are removed and digestion is improved, the entire body will respond favorably on many different levels starting with improved digestion and elimination, blood sugar handling, stabilized adrenal function and hormonal imbalances and often body weight reduction as an added bonus.

Again, there is no more important time in history to learn to be accountable for ones own health and that of the family! The legacy can start now for the health of our children and future generations. It is time to stop the cycle of eating empty negative calories day after day in a rushed stressful way and return to the intelligent way to feed our bodies and minds in a relaxed parasympathetic manner as a family around the family dinner table. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Nutritional Therapy Prices

Nutritional Therapy Assessment and Functional Evaluation
(12 Week Program Monitoring Included)
Re-evaluation Appointments $65/hr

Nutritional Supplements are the clients responsibility and will receive a generous Practitioners discount through my office.

Note: All supplements are based on the clients needs and will be delivered to your home for convenience. Supplements will change throughout the course of your program as your biochemical needs change.