Dallas Microblade Eyebrow Training

Microblading for eyebrows has become one of the most exciteing and fastest growing parts of the Permanent Makeup Industry

It is a relatively new semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that is intended to mimic eyebrow hairs for a feathered hair stroke look.  The concept is different from traditional Permanent makeup brow techniques from the type of instrument to the longevity of the brows.  Almost everyone is a candidate for Microblading!  

The carefully selected pigment color is carefully placed into the superficial dermis of the skin with a disposable microblade creating a fine like hairstroke.  Your shape and style will be done together with your complete input as well.  Safe, beautiful and conservatively natural!

Dallas Microblade Brow Training

Training in a 1-1 clinical setting is the best as most of the larger more expensive classes will not enable you to have a lot of hands on practice leaving you feeling like you are not ready!  The learning curve for Microbalding is NOT instant after you leave.  Having someone to mentor you with your new business will be invaluable to you.

Microblading Classes Cover:

  • Proper intake information, liability and consent forms
  • Sanitation and procedure set up
  • Skin types, tones and color selection
  • Color correction
  • Measuring and drawing according to the clients features and preference
  • Post care and follow up procedures to help manage client expectations and aftercare
  • Practice pad time
  • Practice on live models (you can also being family and friends to start your business)
  • Phone or text support
  • Basic starter kit included
Dallas Permanent Eyebrows Microblading

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