Dallas Permanent Cosmetics Training

Offering Private One -On- One Instruction Classes In The Permanent And Semi Permanent Cosmetics Industry

Training privately is intensive and focused solely on you. I am dedicated to your learning experience and success. I strive to teach with the passion and professionalism that I have run my business for 30 years. I mentor you in the business aspect of the field as well to better prepare you for your new office or studio. When you complete your training, you will be confident to go out and begin your amazing new career!

Permanent Makeup Class Prices

Classes are a minimum of 8 hours to max 10 daily

Full Class – includes eyeliner, lips, lip liner, brows 5 DAYS – $5500
Microblade Brows Class 3 DAYS – $2995
Eyeliner Class 2 DAYS – $1995
Lip /Lip Liner Class 2 DAYS – $1800
Lips And Eyeliner Class 4 DAYS – $3600
Mentor Days – To assist you in perfecting your craft and building your confidence. Bring your clients and work with mentoring. ½ DAY – $450
FULL DAY – $900

Microblading Class Prices

As I specialize in One on One training, your classes can be customized. The more ambitious you are, the more models we can accomplish together enabling you to grow with confidence.

Microblade Brows Class 3 DAYS – $2995
Microblade with Eyeliner Class 5 DAYS – $4800
Full Class with Microblading 6 DAYS – $6500

Class Kits Included

Class kits are included as a gift to assist you with some basics while getting started in your business. The kits vary depending on whether you are taking a Microblading class alone or classes designed for machine work. Only the full Permanent Makeup Classes will include a machine. Kits will include a variety of the following items:

Tools for Mapping
Pigments (3)
Microblade Pens
Sharps Container
Practice Skins
Pigment Cup Holder
Various Size Pigment Cups
Skin Marker
Pigment Rings
Brow Measuring Stickers
Tote Bag

Microbladed brows are the first requested procedure followed in a close second with eyeliner.

The average price of a microblade is $400-$700.
The average price of a permanent eyeliner is $400 to $800.
The average price for a set of lips is $400-$800.

Your investment will be recouped in a reasonable matter of time. This “one on one” opportunity is the fast track to excellent training and the road to success!

I look forward to working with you!

Debbie Santa Barbara, PCT, Instr.

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