Permanent Makeup FAQs

If you are busy and have little time in the morning, permanent makeup will speeed things up.

If you dislike lipstick on your water or wine glass, permanent makeup will make it disappear.

If you are sports oriented and sweat off your makeup during golf, volleyball, running, walking or tennis, permanent makeup will stay on.

If you have had a surgery ,an accident or injury and it has left your lip line asymmetrical, permanent makeup will help give a natural balance.

If you have asymmetrical facial features and seek correction, permanent makeup will give a natural balance.

If you are a man and would like your natural lip color restored and brows enhanced, permanent makeup will naturally enhance the appearance.

If you cannot see to put your make up on correctly any longer, permanent makeup will end the worry.

If you have allergies and your makeup tears off all day, it won’t happen with permanent makeup.

If you just want the freedom from daily makeup application, permanent makeup will set you free.

If you want to look great all day every day, permanent makeup is the answer!

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