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The Industry’s Biggest Phenomenon – Microblading

Microblading eyebrows has become the biggest phenomenon in the Permanent makeup industry EVER! I have done makeup for over 16 years and have never seen anything this exciting procedure that gives women and men back that youthful look that once framed their face.   I want to talk about expectations here on a few points because the media only shows one fraction of the market.

The gorgeous Microblading brow photos that you see everywhere online are in fact beautiful Microblade brow procedures and market this fabulous procedure well.   I will say that most of the photos are of younger women, in a lying down position, with dark already existing hair and showing only one brow angle. Yes, this is where they look the best!  The larger numbers of clients, however, have little or no hair from over- waxing or plucking, are lighter blondes and brunettes, gray or salt and pepper and are older than 25-30 years of age.   Most women and most people in general have asymmetrical brows. Have you have heard the expression, “they are sisters not twins”? We in the industry do our very best to improve the asymmetry caused by brow bone and facial structures being different on both sides of the face. In my studio, my clients are a part of the process to establish the shape and size and color and we will sketch sitting up.

The good news is that the improvement brow procedures like Microblading brings is loved by all!  It is important when researching where to go, to try and find a technician, like myself, that takes a conservative approach to a lovely set of brows that compliments your face for a convenient, safe and beautiful enhancement of your natural beauty and features. Most of the hair strokes will heal to perfection, and some will leave a soft powdery look, much like how one will apply their pencil or brow powder.  The touch up will improve and assure a longer lasting Microblade brow result. Some like to call it a perfecting session.

One of the first things most people ask is, “What is the cost?”  Be sure on cost that you do not jump at any technician because it is a cheap price.  There are many people in the field that have not been formally trained and have little experience with the vast differences in the client  particulars like skin type, ethnicity, health status, age and many other issues that would prevent the optimal result. You do get what you pay for in this field unfortunately. Be sure you get an included touch up session as well.  It is an integral part of the optimal result. There are some clients that may even need a third session depending on the above mentioned factors.

The second question most commonly asked is, “Does it hurt”?  I can honestly say I do my utmost best to keep clients comfortable and most do very well. There are circumstances that can have some less comfortable such as health or skin issues all which will be addressed at the consultation.   Some people just do not numb with any procedures such as at the dentist. But, it is not a painful procedure as a general rule in my experience.

In summary, I welcome you to peruse the natural custom brows on my website and consider Microblading with me soon.  Older very faded brows are possible candidates for Microblading as well. Call soon for a complimentary consultation.

See you next time!
Debbie A. Santa Barbara PCT, Instr.