8 Serious Advantages of Getting Your Brows Microbladed

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Woman Getting Eyebrows Microblading

Applying makeup is a step-by-step process that many of us go through every single day. One step can be eliminated by getting your brows microbladed and not having to worry about the hassle of filling them in.

Microblading alleviates the need to spend your morning makeup routine worrying about brow liner, gel, and pomade. You’ll wake up with perfectly polished brows!

Are you looking to save a step from your makeup routine? Let’s get better acquainted with microblading to see if it is the right move for you.

1. Measure Your Monetary Gains

It should come as no surprise to hear that cosmetics are not cheap, especially when you buy high-quality eyebrow kits. We might prefer to ignore the prices or brush them off because we only buy a few cosmetics at a time.

However, those cosmetics prices that we ignore each month do add up. And, what about products that we buy and never use or don’t like and can’t return?

That all becomes wasted money. There is nothing worse than wasted money, besides bad brows.

Save the money that you are spending on brow pencils, powders, brushes, gels, and setting agents when you start getting microblading done. Make a one-time investment in microblading that will last for years to come. 

2. Saving Time

Saving time is extremely valuable. This enables you to spend less time on your makeup and more time on what matters- albeit time with family, or simply sitting back to relax before starting your day. 

Not that we don’t enjoy the time spent doing our brows and makeup, but we would all appreciate not having to spend quite so much time in front of the mirror.

Applying and perfecting our eyebrows takes patience, and often a fair amount of time. Even if you have perfected the art, making sure that they are neat and even and on point is no quick thing.

3. Less Pain Than A Tattoo

When deciding whether or not to get microblading, one of the biggest factors is how much is it going to hurt. For example, what does it feel like during and after the session?

Many people that have had this procedure done are pleasantly surprised as far as the pain factor and discomfort goes. Though it is a tender area of the body and could potentially be a nightmare experience, it goes by quickly and relatively painlessly.

Before the microblading even begins, you will have numbing cream applied to the area, which helps to block the pain signals during the session. The numbing cream will wear off once the session is finished. 

4. Filling In The Gaps

Have you noticed that your brows are not growing evenly, or have gaps in them? Perhaps you have accidentally over-tweezed or waxed off a chunk of your brow and are panicking about what you can do to redeem yourself.

Perfect for those who have mistakenly messed up their brows or who have lost their facial hair due to illness, microblading can fill in any gaps that you might have. Make sure that your brows look full and perfect for years to come.

5. Microblading Brows Last For A Long Time

Depending on the person’s skin and how they take care of their brows, a microblading application could last for up to 2 years. Imagine not having to do your brows for two whole years!

If brows take you 5 minutes each day, that is 3,650 minutes saved. That is over two days and a half days added to your lifetime just by having your brow microbladed!

Unlike drawing on your brows with makeup, you will never sweat off microbladed brows at the gym, or have them washed away in the pouring rain.

6. Remember That Microblading Is Not Permanent

We may be excited that microblading can last for up to two years, but at the same time we can relax knowing that it is not permanent. Unlike getting a tattoo, microblading starts to fade away as time goes by.

If for whatever reason you decide that you want to try something different with your look, such as a new fresh Powder brow or a Combo blade and shade brow you can do these procedures after Microblading. If you want to opt for a quick 10 minute laser session, you can start all over too.  You  don’t have to get your brows lasered off as you would with tattooed eyebrows that have been done multiple times and are saturated.  Microblading can last up to two years but will need color rejuvenation by then. 

7. The Necessary Touch Ups

So, will touch-ups need to be performed, or will brows stay as perfect as they looked from day one of having them microblade? This all depends on several variables.

Professionals will tell you that each person’s skin is different, and may take microblading differently. Therefore, you may need touchups more or less often than the next person.

If your skin takes microblading less well than others, you might wish to have touchups done more frequently than if your skin takes microblading extremely well. If your skin is sun damaged or oily Microblading will not be the best option. 

Touchups will also depend heavily on the effect that you are going for. If you are a brow fanatic and want them extra perfect all the time, you will probably prefer a Powder or Ombré brow instead. 

8. Making Changes To The Shape

As with any aspect of our style, we are constantly evolving and switching up little things here and there. We might be making improvements or changing with time, but change is inevitable, and that goes for our brows, as well.

Did you know that you can have your brow shape changed in a microblading session? Ask your technician what your options are as far as changing shape or even changing shades.

During your consultation, you will be able to see how the brow is measured, and what the outcome is predicted to be before you commit to it. Your technician is a skilled professional and would be happy to discuss other shapes, angles, or whatever brow goals you might have in mind.

Get Your Brows Microbladed Today

Microblading results in a natural-looking brow that lasts for an extended period and saves you money, time, and a ton of effort on your daily makeup routine.  

North Dallas Permanent Cosmetics has over 25 years of experience and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have before booking your session to get your brows microbladed. Contact us and let us give you the brows you’ve been dreaming of!