Benefits of In-Class and One-on-One Intensive Training

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When Microblading showed up in the United States, no one could have predicted what it would do to the growth of the Permanent Makeup worldwide industry.  After 7 years it is the most popular procedure requested.  With the popularity spreading no longer only to the 40-65 female demographic, Microblading has become popular with younger women and males alike. It is no longer the stereotypical hard tattoo brow of 20 years ago. Microblading also brought the desire to train and be part of this income-producing profession.

Microblading, Powder brows, Ombre Brows, Combo Brows are all the number one requested procedures done in any PMU office.  Brows are most popular as they are truly the most problematic for most women on a daily basis. Anyone is a candidate over the age of 18.  Social media has helped catapult it into the top Permanent Makeup and Microblading most requested service.

Microblading also brought training in from all over the world and the trainers here began to teach as well.  With the onset of Covid and a little before, online classes began to be popular.  Now after several years, there are a ton of botched and hideous brows out there that need laser removal.

Online classes are for people that already have a handle on the Permanent Makeup industry or a sound background in the fundamentals of Permanent Makeup.  I am a personal one-on-one trainer for example, and I know how difficult it is for people beginning in my class. Learning online after you have a strong base of education in all the facets of the PMU industry is highly advisable.

In-class or private classes are the most recommended first step in your quest to be an Intradermal Cosmetic Technician.  Working on live models is the best way to learn. The complexities of human interaction present a multitude of learning opportunities working through the steps of an actual Microblading or Permanent Makeup procedure. Learning to listen to clients’ desires, fears, and concerns is a huge factor in learning. Practice pads, which you do with online classes,  are a big necessity after class but there is nothing like working on a live human.  

You are able to customize each procedure, learn to select that perfect color of pigment together, design the new shape of the brows, balance and create, apply procedural techniques to real skin and discuss and teach post-care and touch-up procedures. ALL WHILE TRAINING!

One-on-one training has an additional perk as you will do many more models from consultation to post-care as if you were actually working! You will have the trainer to yourself and work at your pace not the pace of a class. You may pay a little more but you will be more confident after class completion to go out and GET STARTED in your new career.  Many professionals and true beginners opt for private intensive classes to reap the most they can from the classroom experience.

If you are interested in becoming part of an existing yet high-demand profession, One-on-one private intensive training with 4-6 models all to yourself is the best training offered today.  North Dallas Permanent Cosmetics has been training since 2009 and graduates are very successful.  Call for student referrals and to get a complimentary student interview too!  Come talk about the Permanent Makeup and Microblading industry and see if you want to jump into this amazing profession!